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2.7: Much-maligned high-tech little Mopar V6
Diving into Mopar’s little DOHC V6 with big-engine power

3.2: the Mopar V6 we barely got to know
It was compact, powerful, reliable, and ran on regular gas—but it was also dropped after just a few years!

Electric Mopars: Chrysler BEVs, From the 1880s to 2022
A brief story of Chrysler’s largely unknown and ignored battery-electric cars

Other Car, Truck, and Company Stories

Dodge ZD: the Jeep-Based SUV That Never Was
Could the Grand Cherokee survive a twin?
from 10/11/21

Plymouth Cricket/Hillman Avenger (and the Dodge Polara, 1500, and 1800 and VW 1500) around the world
Global cars long before the Escort and Omni
from 11/17/21

Battle of the 1974 Straight Sixes
How did the Mopar (Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler) 225 and 198 compare to engines from the rest of the world—GM, Ford, even BMW?
from 9/20/22

Ram ProMaster Commercial Van
Following the only large front-drive commercial van from 2014 to the present
from 4/19/22

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