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Mopar ashtrays and candy dishes
Memorabilia stamped of stainless steel: Chrysler oddities

Creating and making cars, organizational methods and change at Chrysler
Organizational change, ways they engineered and built cars, and other Mopar methods

Chrysler Technologies and Such
Chrysler innovations from the 1920s on: firsts, electric cars, Oilite, Amplex, CAD/CAM, Wankel, and such

Other Car, Truck, and Company Stories

Sticker and receipt: 1993 Plymouth Sundance
Diving into the Monroney price sticker and bill of sale for a 1993 Plymouth Sundance
from 6/22/23

Chrysler Firsts of the Modern Era
When Chrysler had a global influence
from 7/24/21

Vintage Dodge Bros, Plymouth, and Dinky models
Car Spotter #25 is a pot-luck
from 3/30/23

Ram ProMaster Commercial Van
Following the only large front-drive commercial van from 2014 to the present
from 4/19/22

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