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Dodge cars
Chrysler cars and minivans

Current and Future

Ram ProMaster Commercial Van
Following the only large front-drive commercial van from 2014 to the present

Chrysler rumor wrap / upcoming models
Aug. 3 update

Renegade: Fiat-based Jeeps
Oddly capable little crossovers

Meridian: Lux Compass with Three Rows
Sorry, it’s only in India so far

Dodge Charger, 2006-2024
The return of rear wheel drive

Modern Dodge Challengers
Retro muscle cars breaking 800 horsepower, 2008-2023

Behind the Fratzog
Memorable 1960s-70s Icon Returning for 2022


Chrysler: making Grant, Lee, and Sherman Tanks
(and the big Multibank engines)

Original Dodge Durango, 1998-2003
Successful heavy-hauler three-row SUV

Making Mopar Vans in Windsor
Dodge B-van factory photos

1971 Dodge trucks and vans
A surprisingly full range

Dodge Nitro
the ill-fated Liberty-based SUV

Graham Brothers: the original “Dodge trucks” (and some very, very nice supercharged cars!)
A story of two sets of brothers


Chrysler 1925: The first (or second or 31st) year
Possibly the most advanced car of its day

Washer bags: before bottles
How things were and why they changed

Chrysler-Owned English Luxury: Humber
“The Rolls-Royce of compact cars,” 1899 to 1976

Plymouth cars: Chrysler’s value brand
From 1928 to 2001, boom and bust

Dodge cars: brothers no more, 1928 to now
A short history with all of our Dodge car stories

Chrysler cars, 1924 to today
From the revolutionary B70 to the 300 and Pacifica

1970s (roughly!)

The Dodge, yes, Dodge GTX
South American Valiants

Charger Daytona: the Cordoba version of a 200-mph legend
Not quite a racing car

Chrysler Sunbeam: winner of the rallying championship
An Avenger variant

1970 Chrysler 300-H
(300 Hurst)

Plymouth police cars of 1976
Downsized but strong

What did buyers think of the 1971-73 Mopar cars?
Market research revealed

Plymouth Cricket/Hillman Avenger (and the Dodge Polara, 1500, and 1800 and VW 1500) around the world
Global cars long before the Escort and Omni

1971 Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler cars
All the ’71s

What’s under the hood?
When and why it all changed

Birth and life of the Road Runner
Jack Smith creates a muscle legend

Charger Daytona: 200 mph supercar
Who made it, how, and why

Birth of the 1966 and 1968 Dodge Charger
A legend is born

1980s and Final K-Based Cars

Insane: 1991-92 Dodge Spirit R/T
Fastest sedan of its time

Plymouth TC3/Dodge O24: Lee’s “second Mustang”
Quick little coupes

It almost happened: the Eagle minivan and the new Chrysler LeBaron
Rejected ideas

Dodge ZD: the Jeep-Based SUV That Never Was
Could the Grand Cherokee survive a twin?

Jeep J90 and JJ
Compact third-world-targeted Jeeps

Modern Cars

Dodge Intrepid: the police car
Agile, surprisingly quick front while drive pursuit vehicles

New Dodge Dart (2013-16): bugs, oversharing killed a contender
Written by an owner

Dodge Caliber, 2007-12
The much-maligned chunky-look Neon replacement

Repairs / Fixes

Where to get parts for your Mopar
Real info&mbdash;not ads

2.4 VVT actuator swap
Rescue that old car

Tracking down electric leaks / battery draw
One of the toughest things to find


When AMC won in Trans Am
(and the Javelin)

1965 Plymouth Daytona?
It might have happened!

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