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Mopar car names: Trekkies, hotels, and crazy-long

The absurdly long Dodge and Plymouth names

Chrysler marketers tended to get a little carried away in the 1970s and then again in the 21st century, sometimes going far too far.

Dodge Charger SRT Super Bee

The Star Trek (Trekkie) connection

Years ago, Ryan Connell told Allpar about the names shared between Chrysler and Star Trek ships. Star Trek had the names first more often than not; but Chrysler was (I believe) first with Valiant, Voyager, Challenger, Concord, and Dakota (Challenger was, incidentally, quite clearly based on the space shuttle, but who knows how that name was chosen?). I would appreciate guidance from any hard-core Trekkies out there; I am not hard core, and I had to do a good deal of searching to fill out this list.

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