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Mopar ashtrays and candy dishes
Memorabilia stamped of stainless steel: Chrysler oddities

Creating and making cars, organizational methods and change at Chrysler
Organizational change, ways they engineered and built cars, and other Mopar methods

Chrysler Technologies and Such
Chrysler innovations from the 1920s on: firsts, electric cars, Oilite, Amplex, CAD/CAM, Wankel, and such

Other Car, Truck, and Company Stories

1970-1976 Plymouth Duster and Dodge Demon
Sporty compact cars based on the Valiant, running everything from the slant six to the hot 340 and 360 V8
from 10/31/23

Car Spotter: 1914 Dodge Bros. Touring Car
The car that established Dodge Brothers’ reputation
from 8/20/21

Magnum 5.2 and 5.9: the most powerful LA V8 engines
The durable workhorse Mopar V8, making more power than ever in Magnum form
from 12/12/22

Chrysler 1925: The first (or second or 31st) year
Possibly the most advanced car of its day
from 5/6/21

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