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Maserati vs Alfa Romeo in the 21st Century
How two Italian car brands tried to divide up North American buyers

Big Chrysler, Spooky Imperial: Car Spotter #29
Stories: the big Mennonite Chrysler, the spooky Imperial

Naming cars
How Chrysler has named cars, with stories of some classics (Demon, Valiant, Volare, and so on)

Other Car, Truck, and Company Stories

Stories from Chrysler’s man on the Mitsubishi Board
Iacocca and working in Japan
In: Company from 9/28/21

Working for Chrysler president John Riccardo
An insider's story
In: Company from 11/15/21

Dodge Durango, 2011-2023: the Unibody Muscle SUV versions
Not quite a clone of the Grand Cherokee, the WD Durango was a three-row SUV that could run 0-60 in 3.5 seconds...
In: Cars from 10/1/22

Quick stories from Chrysler’s past, volume 3
Designing turbine blades, Design flooring, logos and badges, pentastars, and Mitsubishi
In: Company from 9/14/22

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