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(As of June 3, 2024 • also see upcoming powertrain / rumors)

A slew of new cars, trucks, and crossovers start production soon, with battery-electric, hybrid, and pure-gasoline variants. Here are the details...

First, a calendar-year summary based on this work from Kyle...


2024-2025 Charger: Back in 2021, wrote that a new Challenger coded LB was set up with a Hurricane engine and a BEV version. Plans change and the Challenger and (our speculated, not rumored) 4xe have been dropped, with Charger taking the LB body code. Two-door electrics come first, then gasoline cars and battery sedans.

Daytona BEV

(FCA US has renewed its Cuda trademark for vehicle names again).

The work put into the E85 Hellcat Demon 170 suggests that new technologies are being prepared for the Hurricane twin turbo six; the Demon 170 was a 1,025 horsepower monster. Rumor from Auburn Hills suggests more power is a cinch.

The electric Charger will have a “frunk” with some power or computer equipment lining the sides, hidden behind removeable dividers. The car has entered the advanced tooling stages. The minimum power is above the old 5.7 Hemi. Full story here. It appears the Hemi is out of production, so don’t expect a late return, no matter what rumor sites say.

2024 Charger Daytona

The 2024 Durango is mostly unchanged, with Hurricane engines replacing Hemis in the 2025s. The 2026 Durango appears to be an update, most likely based on the Grand Cherokee. Many expected the future Durango to be based on the Wagoneer, but focusing on towing and stripped of the luxury. That would still be a position for Dodge.

The Charger Daytona, at least, will have a multi-speed transmission; the company also has a “multi-speed transmission emulator” system for single-speed BEV transmissions and range extender technology which will be used on the Wrangler.


The Ram 1500 REV is the battery electric (BEV) version of the popular pickup—we have the full story on this 14,000-pound-towing work truck. There is also a range-extended version, the Ramcharger; a series of 2025 Ram 1500 gasoline trucks; and a high-performance Ram 1500 concept. (The new Ram 1500 is more of a facelift-and-refresh; it keeps the DT body code. The next generation, coded DU, is not due until 2027 at the earliest, and appears to share STLA Frame with the Durango.) Pricing is similar to last year, albeit around a thousand dollars higher, but the base Hurricane SST (straight six turbo) produces more power and torque than the Hemi V8, with better mileage, and taking regular instead of midgrade. The high output version produces more power and torque than the 6.4 SRT engine which was not available on any Ram pickups. Gas mileage is up to 3 mpg better than the 5.7 Hemi despite some reports which compared with the high output six to the low output Hemi.

ram 1500 re

Full redesigns of the 2500 and 3500 are still years off, but Ram said they will include hydrogen versions (maybe fuel-cell based, but Cummins will have a hydrogen version of its big B engine by then). The Hurricane Six is certain for the 2025 Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500. In late 2024 (third quarter), new Ram 2500 and 3500 interiors and exterior styling will debut. 6.4 Hemi is still in production for trucks; whether Ram 2500 has Hurricanes is unknown today.

In Europe, all three van series are being refreshed with second-generation battery-electric technology and other updates. There's an open question on ProMaster City (dropped in 2023) and a new platform ProMaster. There may be a hydrogen fuel cell version of the ProMaster eventually. ProMaster BEV is still in the queue.

The Mitsubishi L200 (Ram 1200) replacement is to be developed for 2027 for Belvidere, Illinois. FCA US trademarked “Dakota” in April 2020. (Speculation: could a lighter, regular-cab Ram 1500 fill the gap for now?)

Ram 1500 Classic’s last year will be 2024; Ram Special Service Vehicle’s last year is 2023 (for now at least). The Hellcat-powered Ram TRX is having its final run, but rumors from various places, supported by spy videos and photos, show a Hurricane-powered Ram TRX to replace it.

See our engine rumors page for hydrogen.


A new CMP-based vehicle will slot under the Compass and Avenger in Europe and India, around 16 inches shorter in length, with Peugeot gasoline, hybrid, and BEV power, and possibly only having AWD in hybrid and/or BEV form. The Avenger shown below is not sold in the US or Canada, but is on sale in Europe in battery, gasoline, and hybrid forms.

Jeep BEV

KL Cherokee ended as we predicted, and will be replaced around 2025 by the KM, which uses the Wagoneer S body with a gasoline or hybrid powerplant. The old KL plant in Belvidere will eventually make Ram pickups.


The Jeep Meridian (pictured above) is an upscale, extended-wheelbase version of the Compass for India and other countries—possibly not the US or Canada, though it might be sold there under a different badge (or even as a Jeep if it’s really as tough as Indian reviews suggest).

Despite tough competition, the next generation Wrangler is not expected until 2029 (calendar year 2028).

Jeep Recon and Wagoneer S

The Jeep Recon will add to the Wrangler, not replace it. It’s aimed at the Ford Bronco but possibly with less offroad capability. A battery-electric on the STLA Large platform, the Recon has no powertrain hump. The concept is shown below. The Wagoneer S (“real name to be determined”) and Recon have both been confirmed for 2024 production, starting with the Wagoneer S, which was launched on May 30; it has 600 hp and does 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, with a 300 mile range.

Jeep Recon electric car

The rest

A 2024 Wrangler update added 10.25 inch screens, upgrades to other electronics, and such. Wrangler has a few years left till its planned 2027-2029 redesign in spite of a great deal of new competition—Bronco, VW’s new Scout brand, and Toyota. The Hurricane might be possible as a 392 replacement in the Wrangler and later as an option in Gladiator. Bronco and Scout may push Jeep to be more capable off-road—and perhaps to have an independent front suspension on all but one or two trim lines. (Jeep had an optional IFS on the original Wagoneer.)

Compass is moving to a new platform, STLA Medium, and will be made in Canada instead of Mexico; the Mexico plant is reportedly going to STLA Large. Wagoneer is to get Ram’s new range-extended battery-electric option around 2025.


The long-rumored RA minivan-based crossover was allegedly near readiness when the company decided not to invest that amount of cash in tooling up the plant, with the Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee taking up many resources.

In 2022, Christine Feuell said that the first BEV (battery electric) Chrysler is due as a 2025 model, with two more showing up in 2026-27 and an all-BEV line by 2028, when the Pacifica is finally to be replaced after a 2026 refresh. She promised that the 300 will be updated and brought back.

New product is coming but when and what remains unknown.


Platforms: STLA Small, Medium, Large, and Frame. Frame is for pickups, Wagoneers, and possibly Durangos. “Georgio” dies by 2027 as Giulia moves to STlA Large. A large number of new Larges is expected around 2024-25. See our platforms page.

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