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From smallest to largest (except the Wankel):

Wankel engines, Jack Smith, and Chrysler
The Road Runner creator explores a new engine

GSE 1.3 Turbo
Modern “Firefly” Four-Cylinder

What the !*@#$&^! are Samsung PRiMX batteries?
What we know so far (a Mopar guy’s guide)

GME 2.0T engines
Modern power for the hybrid age

Chrysler-Dodge turbo fours
Innovative Mopar power in unlikely packages

Hurricane Six (GME T6)
Twin-turbo inline six with Hemi-beating power

Why so many? Every Chrysler Corp V6!
Four major engine families before the Pentastar

Diesel Slant Six: mo’ power, lo’ pollution
A solution Chrysler sorely needed

Leaning tower of power: Slant Six
The legend

Tornado Six
Kaiser-Jeep’s “Hemi”

Kangaroo Six
Record-setting Hemi Six-Packs for Australian Valiants

B-Engines: Chrysler’s first big V8s
Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler 350, 361, 383, and 400 wedge V8 engines, rapidly developed under Bob Rarey

Original Hemi: 331 to 392 V8
The famed “dual rocker” V8

Trenton Engine and the Two 383 V8s
Clever solution to a tough problem

426 Hemi: Mopar’s most famous and race-happy engines
Birth and life of a legend


Ultradrive and related four speed automatics
41TE, 42LE, A-604, and those which came after

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