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Current Engines

Mopar engine and powertrain rumors
Upcoming powertrain and propulsion for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram (last update, 11/3/23)

Pentastar: the standby Mopar-Chrysler V6
Diving into Mopar’s award-winning Pentastar V6 engines

Classic and Past Engines

Tuning carburetors on vintage cars
A real beginner’s guide

Wankel engines, Jack Smith, and Chrysler
The Road Runner creator explores a new engine (updated 2022)

GSE 1.3 Turbo
Modern “Firefly” Four-Cylinder

PureTech EP6 (1.6)
The Peugeot 1.6 liter turbo engine / hybrid transmission coming to the USA in 2025

What the !*@#$&^! are Samsung PRiMX batteries?
What we know so far (a Mopar guy’s guide)

GME 2.0T engines
Modern power for the hybrid age

Neon 2.0: the final all-Chrysler four-cylinder engines
How the Neon ended up with a class-leading four-cylinder

Chrysler-Dodge turbo fours
Innovative Mopar power in unlikely packages

2.7: Much-maligned high-tech little Mopar V6
Diving into Mopar’s little DOHC V6 with big-engine power

Hurricane Six (GME T6)
Twin-turbo inline six with Hemi-beating power

Why so many? Every Chrysler Corp V6!
Four major engine families before the Pentastar

3.2: the Mopar V6 we barely got to know
It was compact, powerful, reliable, and ran on regular gas—but it was also dropped after just a few years!

Mopar 24 Valve SOHC V6 Engines: 3.5 and 4.0
Single-cam, 24-valve Mopar V6 engines of the 1990s and 2000s (3.5 liter and 4.0 liter)


Battle of the 1974 Straight Sixes
How did the Mopar (Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler) 225 and 198 compare to engines from the rest of the world—GM, Ford, even BMW?

Diesel Slant Six: mo’ power, lo’ pollution
A solution Chrysler sorely needed

Leaning tower of power: Slant Six
The legendary inline engines

Tornado Six
Kaiser-Jeep’s “Hemi”

Kangaroo Hemi Six
Record-setting V8-beaters for Australian Valiants

Mopar’s oddball V6 engine
The surprisingly long-lasting LA V6: a 318 with two cylinders cut off, 1987 to 2003

Plymouth and Dodge LA Series V8 Engines: Durable, Cheap Power from 273 CID
How Chrysler created the small block LA engines, and the dual life of the 273 V8

PowerTech 3.7 and 4.7: Next Generation Engines
Creating and making Chrysler’s first brand new V8 in many years, and its related V6

Mopar poly engines: 1955 to 1958
Chrysler and Dodge polyspherical V8 engines (before the A): 241-259-270-301-315-325-331-354

Chrysler A-series V8 engines, 1956 to 1968
Poly for the masses: Mopar A series V8 engines (277, 301, 313, 318, 326)

The LA 318 and 360: vintage Chrysler V8 engines
Durable workhorses with flashes of high-performance glory: 318 and 360 LA V8 engines from Mopar, before their Magnum days

Magnum 5.2 and 5.9: the most powerful LA V8 engines
The durable workhorse Mopar V8, making more power than ever in Magnum form

High performance small block: Mopar 340 V8
The most potent LA V8 had surprisingly big power - and a three-carb variant

5.7 Mopar Hemi V8: From Hi-Performance to Workhorse Engine
How the “Eagle” 5.7 Hemi V8 went from being a Dodge-Chrysler performance engine to a Ram workhorse

B-Engines: Chrysler’s first big V8s
Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler 350, 361, 383, and 400 wedge V8 engines, rapidly developed under Bob Rarey

Hellcat: Up to 1,025 horsepower from 6.2 liters
Inside the supercharged Hemi V8 Mopar engines used by Dodge, Jeep, and Ram

Original Hemi: 331 to 392 V8
The famed “dual rocker” V8

Trenton Engine and the Two 383 V8s
Clever solution to a tough problem

426 Hemi: Mopar’s most famous and race-happy engines
Birth and life of a legend

RB Engines: Chrysler’s biggest V8s
Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler 383, 413, 440, and 426 V8 engines - development, Cross-Ram Wedge, Max Wedge, and more

Trenton: V8, Slant Six, and Trans Four Engines By Year
How many did they make? By model year, 1957 to 1989

Mopar alternators: a major gain over generators
How Chrysler pioneered the alternator, and why it mattered

Tales From the Factory: Matching Pistons and Blocks
How the factory managed precision problems, back in the day


Jeep, Chrysler, Plymouth, Ram, and Dodge Transmissions by Sales Code
Every modern Mopar transmission (and links to Motales articles on some of them)


Ultradrive and related four speed automatics
41TE, 42LE, A-604, and those which came after

HP9 / 9x8TE ZF 9-Speed Automatic Transmission
Inside the innovative ZF transmissions used by Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler - including Mopar mods

New Process Gear and New Venture Gear: The Companies and Their “Gear”
Quietly innovative gear, transmission, and transfer case makers

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