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From smallest to largest:

GME 2.0 turbo engineGME 2.0T engines—Modern power for the hybrid age

Mopar slant six engineLeaning tower of power: Slant Six, 1959-1991

diesel slant sixDiesel slant six (Ricardo, 1979-80)

Kangaroo Six“Kangaroo Six:” Hemi Six-Pack for Down Under

Tornado Six: Kaiser-Jeep’s “Hemi”

Chrysler V6 enginesWhy so many? Every Chrysler V6 (Ever)

G1 Hemi (first generation Mopar V8)Original Hemi: 331 to 392 V8s

Trenton Engine and the two 383 V8sTrenton Engine and the story of the two 383s

car computers - Lean Burn and beyondComputerized cars: Lean Burn and beyond

WGE VVT 2.4 actuator fixFixit: 2.4 VVT actuator solenoid replacement

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