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When the TorqueFlite completely replaced the PowerFlite, it seemed Chrysler would have just one transmission; then the A-904 was split off, and eventually there were a few different TorqueFlites. In time, the rather small number of three-speed and four-speed manuals and three-speed automatics gave way to a bewildering array of domestic and then ZF-engineered transmissions; the latter built both by Former Chrysler and by ZF itself.

The following transmissions are covered by Motales:

Ultradrive and related four speed automatics
41TE, 42LE, A-604, and those which came after

HP9 / 9x8TE ZF 9-Speed Automatic Transmission
Inside the innovative ZF transmissions used by Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler - including Mopar mods

New Process Gear and New Venture Gear: The Companies and Their “Gear”
Quietly innovative gear, transmission, and transfer case makers

The following list of transmission sales codes was created by Mopar in 2022, and covers all their transmissions from the 1980s up to 2022... NVG is New Venture Gear, a company Chrysler owned after buying GM’s share. AX is from the former Borg Warner. Transmissions with a name starting with “C” are from Fiat.

Manual Transmissions

Code Transmission
DA56-Speed Auto/Man Twin Clutch
DAG6-Speed RWD
DD16-Speed TR6060
DD45-Speed Performance
DD55-Speed T-350
DD75-Speed T355
DDC5-Speed HD
DDD5-Speed HD
DDE5-Speed C510
DDF5-Speed C514
DDG5-Speed C514 Automated Manual
DDK5-Speed NVG 1500 HD
DDO5-Speed AX15
DDP5-Speed NVG 4500
DDQ5-Speed (AX15) (AX5)
DDR5-Speed T850
DDT5-Speed Tremec TR4050
DDX5-Speed NVG 4500
DE16-Speed C635
DEE6-Speed NVG 5600
DEG6-Speed G56
DEH6-Speed NSG370
DEJ6-Speed Getrag 238
DEK6-Speed Getrag DMT76
DEL6-Speed C514
DEN6-Speed 6MTX-MD
DEP6-Speed C630
DFB6-Speed Automated Manual

Automatic Transmissions and CVTs

A CVT is a continuously variable transmission. These were purchased from JATCO. Chrysler made nearly all of its own transmissions for a long time; major automatic vendors have been Aisin and ZF. Jeep historically used Borg Warner.

Code Transmission
DA16-Speed C633 Dual Dry Clutch Auto
DA27-Speed C725 Dual Dry Clutch Auto
DA46-Speed Automatic
DA56-Speed Auto/Man Twin Clutch
DAW CVT w/Off-Rd Crawl Ratio
DF16-Speed Automatic AISIN F21-250
DF26-Speed Automatic AISIN AS69RC HD
DF36-Speed Automatic AISIN AS66RC HD
DF46-Speed Automatic AISIN F21-250 HD
DF59-Speed Automatic 9HP48 FWD/AWD
DF69-Speed Automatic 9HP48 4WD
DF76-Speed Automatic AISIN F21-250 Gen 3
DF8AHS FWD F1 Automatic
DF9AHS-T RWD Automatic
DFB6-Speed Manual Transmission Automated
DFD8-Speed Automatic 8HP70
DFE8-Speed Automatic HP90
DFF 4-Speed Automatic VLP*
DFG8-Speed Automatic 8HP45
DFH9-Speed Automatic 948TE FWD/AWD
DFJ9-Speed Automatic 948TE AWD
DFK8-Speed Automatic 8HP70
DFL8-Speed Automatic 845RE
DFN6-Speed Automatic AISIN F21-250 PHEV
DFP6-Speed Automatic 66RFE
DFR8-Speed Automatic 8HP75
DFS8-Speed Automatic 8HP95
DFT8-Speed Automatic 850RE
DFV8-Speed Automatic 8HP75
DFW8-Speed Automatic 8HP50
DFX8-Speed Automatic 8HP75-LCV
DFY8-Speed Automatic 8P75PH PHEV
DG16-Speed Automatic 65RFE
DG26-Speed Automatic 62TE
DG36-Speed Automatic AISIN AS68RC
DG44-Speed Automatic 45RFE
DG56-Speed Automatic Getrag MPS6
DG64-Speed Automatic 42RLE
DG76-Speed Automatic 68RFE
DG84-Speed Automatic 48RE
DGA3-Speed Automatic 31TH
DGB4-Speed Automatic 47RE
DGC3-Speed Automatic
DGD3-Speed Automatic 30RH
DGG3-Speed Automatic 32RH
DGH3-Speed Automatic 36RH
DGJ5-Speed Automatic W5A580
DGK4-Speed Automatic 42RE
DGL4-Speed Automatic
DGM3-Speed Automatic 31TH
DGN4-Speed Automatic
DGP4-Speed Automatic 47RE
DGQ5-Speed Automatic 545RFE
DGR4-Speed Automatic 46RH
DGS 4-Speed Automatic AW4 (Borg Warner)
DGT4-Speed Automatic 46RE
DGU5-Speed Automatic W5J400
DGV 4-Speed Automatic VLP 42RLE*
DGW4-Speed Automatic 44RE
DGX4-Speed Electronic Automatic 42LE
DGY6-Speed Automatic G80ReF PHEV Trans
* Variable Line Pressure

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