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Author links was created by David Zatz, the founder of the once-authoritative site. Dr. Zatz has a PhD in organizational psychology—the scientific study of organizations—from Columbia University and has written on Chrysler-related topics since the 1980s. He has also written three “Mopar”-related books:

Dr. Zatz was the editor and publisher of a book of memories on slant six cars and junkyard jaunts, Gary Platz’s My Slant on Things.

Most articles on stem from interviews with former Chrysler employees and company materials collected over the years.

Fact checking

Many stories on have been painstakingly fact-checked by the Allpar community, with some specifically examined by John Rush. Any discrepancies from reality are addressed as they are raised. In many cases, facts were already questioned and cross-checked at before stories appear here. Motales has a close historical connection with Allpar, the premier Chrysler-related forum

Review guidelines

Any reviews of products at motales seek to be honest and open about shortcomings as well as advantages. When items were contributed, that fact is noted. Most car reviews are based on one-week loans from the automakers.


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Our main categories are cars, trucks, engines and transmissions, and then, within “people and company:”

Chrysler History, People, and Such In Rough Chronological Order
Chrysler Corporation, Maxwell, DaimlerChrysler, etc - histories and methods sorted roughly by year

Mopar / Chrysler People and Stories
From Jack Benny to the tool engineers: a Motales directory

Mopar brochures, ads, press releases, and such
MoTales’ Index of Chrysler Literature and Such

Chrysler plants, labs, and other places of interest
In-depth stories with many photos from inside Chrysler labs, plants, and other facilities—from many years

Chrysler Technologies and Such
Chrysler innovations from the 1920s on: firsts, electric cars, Oilite, Amplex, CAD/CAM, Wankel, and such

Creating and making cars, organizational methods and change at Chrysler
Organizational change, ways they engineered and built cars, and other Mopar methods

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