The Mopar stories site

Creating and making cars, organizational methods and change at Chrysler

USA vs Japan: plant changes for a new Chrysler (1989-94)
How Chrysler rescued itself

How was Chrysler Engineering organized in 1952-1954
(and what problems that would bring)

SCORE: Saving billions with supplier ideas
A true systems approach yielded major advances

Dodge Brothers vs Ford as Employers
Hint: the Dodges gave out free beer and Ford hired thugs

Unibody: Behind the Sudden 1960 Move
A stunning, massive shift—the surprising reason they did it

1990s Chrysler: Company on a Mission
One of the few good uses of mission statements!

Behind the (failed) 1972 effort to fix Chrysler’s product strategy
What might have been?

Extended enterprise: Bringing in the suppliers
Saving money and making better cars

Invention Factory: Liberty Group
Center for innovation or waste of time? You decide

Birth of the Chrysler Newport: 1960-62
How the Chrysler Newport was born; the first generation of the Chrysler-styled DeSoto

Naming cars
How Chrysler has named cars, with stories of some classics (Demon, Valiant, Volare, and so on)

Chrysler Corporation’s organization: 1953
How Chrysler was organized in 1953, with explanations for modern readers

Tool engineers: Making the machines that made the cars
Inside one of the most skilled factory jobs of the 1940s-1960s


Also see Chrysler plants, labs, and other places...

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