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MoTales stories of Chrysler history, processes, and such

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Technologies and such

The original electric minivans: TEVan and EPIC (heavily updated)

Computerized cars: Lean Burn and beyond

Chrysler Firsts of the Carburetor Era

Chrysler Firsts of the Modern Era

Digital factories

Chrysler CADCAM, Dassault CATIA, and NX: Making cars with computers

Wankel engines, Jack Smith, and Chrysler

Methods, creating cars, corporate change, and culture

USA vs Japan: plant changes for a new Chrysler (1989-94)

How was Chrysler Engineering organized in 1953-1954 (and what problems would come of that)?

SCORE: Saving billions with supplier ideas

Dodge Brothers vs Ford as Employers

Unibody: Behind the Sudden 1960 Move

1990s Chrysler: Company on a Mission

Behind the (failed) 1972 effort to fix Chrysler’s product strategy

Extended enterprise: Bringing in the suppliers

Invention Factory: Liberty Group


Stories from Chrysler’s man on the Mitsubishi Board

Do you know these people from the Class of 1951?

Working for Chrysler president John Riccardo

Products (other than cars)

Mopars running on water: Chrysler Marine

Mopar clubs: the nationals

Chrysler Corporation USA Sales in 1991 - versus GM, Ford, and Others

1971 Chrysler Car and Truck Sales in 1971 - versus GM and Ford

Also see Chrysler plants, labs, and other places...

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