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MoTales stories of Chrysler history, processes, and such


Chrysler History, People, and Such In Rough Chronological Order
Chrysler Corporation, Maxwell, DaimlerChrysler, etc - histories and methods sorted roughly by year

Mopar / Chrysler People and Stories
From Jack Benny to the tool engineers: a Motales directory

Mopar brochures, ads, press releases, and such
MoTales’ Index of Chrysler Literature and Such

Chrysler plants, labs, and other places of interest
In-depth stories with many photos from inside Chrysler labs, plants, and other facilities—from many years

Chrysler Technologies and Such
Chrysler innovations from the 1920s on: firsts, electric cars, Oilite, Amplex, CAD/CAM, Wankel, and such

Creating and making cars, organizational methods and change at Chrysler
Organizational change, ways they engineered and built cars, and other Mopar methods

Sales, clubs, press releases, and boats

Mopars running on water: Chrysler Marine
The best, most innovative boats you could buy

Mopar clubs: the nationals
Our listing of national clubs with Web sites

Chrysler Corporation USA Sales in 1991
versus GM, Ford, and Others

1971 Chrysler Car and Truck Sales in 1971
versus GM and Ford

Chrysler: making Grant, Lee, and Sherman Tanks
(and the big Multibank engines)

Behind the Fratzog
Memorable 1960s-70s Icon Returning for 2025

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