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Chrysler MarineMopars running on water: Chrysler Marine, 1965 to 2007

plant changes at ChryslerUSA vs Japan: Plant changes for a new Chrysler, 1989-94

SCORE program for saving money at ChryslerSCORE: Saving billions with supplier ideas, 1989-99

Chrysler Institute of Engineering 1951Do you know these people from the Class of 1951?

Graham BrothersGraham Brothers, the original “Dodge trucks” (and supercharged cars)

Chrysler firstsChrysler Firsts of the Carburetor Era

Chrysler Firsts of the Modern Era

Org charge 1953-54How was Chrysler Engineering organized in 1953-1954 (and what problems would come of that)?

Dodge Brothers vs Ford as Employers

Chrysler 1925Chrysler 1925

Random: Do you know these people from the Class of 1951?

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