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Mopar Clubs in the USA and Canada

Plymouth Owners Club

This is the largest of the American clubs, as befits the highest-volume Chrysler brand. It covers every Plymouth made, though it was a “25 year” club until Plymouth was shut down; the “POC” has an active web site and, more to the point, quite the best non-Viper-related club magazine.

Plymouth Owners Club

Perennial winner of the Golden Quill Award, the bi-monthly magazine is mostly done in color and has informative articles about Plymouths of all kinds, around the world. Back issues are available in PDF format on a DVD collection. The club has a national meet which rotates around the country, as well as local meets. The club has technical and restoration advisors for many types of Plymouth. Dues are $30/year with a $2 surcharge for the initial registration.

Walter P. Chrysler Club

WPC ClubThe father of the NCPC, the WPC Club is truly national, and fittingly has a Michigan headquarters. The club has national meets and a bi-monthly 32-page color newsletter, and covers all Chrysler brands, including the adopted ones (e.g. Jeep). Like the NCPC, the club delivers a newsletter by PDF, with a printed version extra. Membership runs from $30 to $72 depending on mailing options.

Dodge Brothers Club

For owners of Dodge Brothers (not Dodge) cars, 1914-1938. Has an annual convention, in 2022 to be at Charleston, South Carolina; has regions in Northern California, Northwest, Ohio/PA, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast.

Mopars Unlimited

Mopars Unlimited has numerous chapters, in Colorado, Washington (Seattle, Tacoma, Pasco), Arizona, Idaho, Cleveland, Vancouver, and Alberta. Each has its own membership and web site.

National Winged Warriors and B-Body Owners Association

This club covers the entire range of “intermediate”  cars; it was created both from the Bay Area Road Runners Club and Winged Warriors, with mergers and expansions along the way. Membership is $30/year. National meets rotate across the country; there is a monthly newsletter and a set of technical / restoration advisors.


There are also a multitude of local and regional clubs and specific-car clubs (two very large ones around Vipers).

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