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2025 Jeep Recon: IRS/BEV Wrangler Supplement

by David Zatz

(stub) Adding to the Wrangler but not replacing it, the battery-electric Jeep Recon is aimed at the Ford Bronco but, possibly, with less offroad capability. A battery-electric, it’s on STLA Large and is larger than it looks in these pictures of the concept car.

Jeep Recon

The Recon, like the Wagoneer S, has been confirmed for 2024 production; but the wait for the Recon will be longer. It’s not scheduled to be made until the final three months of 2024.

Serious offroad gear will include locking axles, skid plates, tow hooks, off-road tires, and removable doors and glass. Its large size and independent suspension differentiate it from the Wrangler. No worries about the independent suspension; it’s likely to do quite well off-road, but won’t allow for the kind of easy modifications the Wrangler is known for.

Jeep STLA Large BEV

The concept Recon ran from the nearest town to the Rubicon Trail and through the Rubicon Trail on a single charge, with enough battery remaining to get back into town, according to Jeep. A BEV gets quite good range when going slowly, as one would on a tough trail.

The Recon is reportedly entering production in late 2024 in Toluca, Mexico, the former PT Cruiser, Neon, Journey, and Fiat 500 (among others) plant.

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