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Mopar (Stellantis-FCA) platforms

by David Zatz

We are only showing primary body codes; there are also codes for regional and special uses. Updated 1/31/2024. Also see our body codes section for vintage platforms. Some of this is still in rumors form. Ram 1200 is coming in 2027, possibly on STLA Frame. Motors and electronics modules for STLA Large and Frame will be made in Indiana. Battery powered vehicles will likely be made in small numbers until major plants come on-line.

The STLA Small, Medium, and Large fit together as:

Small Medium Large

137.8 - 177.2
3.5- 4.5 m

169.3 - 192.9
4.3 - 4.9 m
187.6 - 201.8
4.8 - 5.1 m
Width 66.9 - 70.9 70.9 - 74.8 74.7 - 79.9
Wheelbase 90.6 - 106.3
2.3 - 2.7 m
106.3 - 114.2
2.7 - 2.9 m
113.0 - 121.1
2.87 - 3.1 m

STLA Large

Electric motors in STLA Large car from Stellantis (Dodge)

The platform can handle gasoline, hybrid, and electric vehicles from 187.6 to 201.8 inches long, with ground clearance from 5.5 to 11.3 inches, and wheelbases from 113.0 to 121.1 inches (2.9-3.1 m). That is a wide range, but it can also do FWD, RWD, and AWD; with engines mounted sideways or lengthwise. See our STLA Large page for more photos and far more information.

STLA Medium

STLA Medium covers compact and midsize cars and crossovers (C and D), with sizes that would include the Renegade, Cherokee, Neon, Stratus, and even the original Duster. It is based on Peugeot e-VMP with allowances for American crash standards and electrification. Propulsion is FWD or AWD, the latter using a second electric drive unit in the rear. See our STLA Medium page for more photos and far more information.

STLA Medium twin motor - Stellantis platform

STLA Small

STLA Small is based on the Peugeot EMP/CMP platform. The most known cars on it in Europe are the Citroën C3 and Fiat Panda. In the US, the Toyota Corolla barely fits into the larger part of its range. The Renegade, if it returns to the US, may do so as a Small.

STLA Small runs from around 137.8 to 177.2 inches long, from a 90.6 to 106.3 inch wheelbase—it ends in wheelbase where STLA Medium begins. Width is 66.9 to 70.9 inches, a four-inch range. Grand clearance so far is 5.5 to 8.0 inches. There don’t appear to be plans to make STLA Small cars in the US or Canada.

STLA Frame

The “platform” of STLA Frame is more of a philosophy and an attempt to share components and assemblies. It is to include the future JM Wrangler, the future Gladiator (JU?), future Rams (1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, and possibly 1200), future Grand Cherokee, the Wrangler and Gladiator, the Wagoneer, and according to rumor, the Durango.

Jeep Recon BEV assumed on STLA Frame

FCA derived

CUSW (Compact US Wide)

CUSW is loosely based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s C-EVO, which was newish when Fiat took Chrysler’s reins. American engineers pushed out the length and width of C-EVO, and created space for more suspension movement in the Jeep Liberty. The Dart ended up being rather wide and heavy as a result of sharing with the Liberty, 200, and (in theory) Pacifica. Body codes are:

FCA did not say that the RU minivans were based on CUSW; they at least shared some assemblies. A new generation of RU is possible to avoid higher retooling and engineering costs.

SUSW (Small US Wide)

Derived from GM/Fiat’s SCSS, SUSW came after CUSW, so some lessons were learned. The first SUSW car, the Jeep Renegade, was sent back to the engineers because it didn’t meet the program needs, resulting in a two-year reworking. The Tonale and Hornet are based on the Compass, but may not technically be SUSW.

Body on Frame

The old DS full-size Ram 1500 pickup continue on as the Ram Classic; the newer models, coded DT, are sold alongside them. The DT is the basis for the WS Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer, and presumably the basis for STLA Frame (which is not yet in production, but will reportedly support the Ram 1500, Jeep Wrangler, and Jeep Gladiator).

The Wrangler has a new body code and a new frame—well, both are getting old now, but they were modified some years back from the old JK to fit the eight-speed transmission and 392 V8 engine. Gladiator is closely based on Wrangler.

Bigger Rams have their own body codes and platforms; they may or may not ride on STLA Frame. Eventually the Wagoneer will presumably also move to STLA Frame, along with a future Durango.

Disconnected cars are the Ram ProMaster, which might be dropped and replaced by a new PSA-origin van—or upgraded and run as a completely independent series for quite some time.

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