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1978-2023 “letter platforms” for classic rear wheel drive Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth cars

based on oh2o’s 2006 list at allpar
Updated August 3, 2023

Chrysler adopted single-letter codes (A, B, C, and D) to lump cars together by platform with the 1964 model year; some of the codes were applied retroactively to earlier cars. When Chrysler bought AMC, which had two-letter codes, they added an “A” before the single-digit codes—e.g. the P body (Sundance) became the AP.

Single-letter codes for rear wheel drive cars (A, B, C, D, E, F, J, M, and R) are listed in our RWD codes page. Past and present truck body codes are in a separate page. All years below are model years. There are likely to be minor errors; please let us know, if so!

Minivans and Derivatives

S (AS): Minivans (1984-1995)

NS: Minivans (1996-2000)

RS: Minivan (2001-2007; 2008 in Mexico)

RT: Minivan: Caravan (2008-2017+), Town & Country, Ram C/V

RU: Pacifica /Voyager (2017-up)

(RV?): 2025-ish replacement for Pacifica

Midsized cars (post-K) and the crossovers made from them

J5: Journey CKD (2009-up)
JA: Cirrus, Stratus (1995-2000)
JA: Breeze (1996-2000)
JC: Journey (2009-up)
JF: Fiat Freemont (2011-up)
J1: Sebring CKD (2007-up)
J2: Cirrus, Stratus (1998, export)
J4: Cirrus R/T convertible (1998-2000, Mexico)
JR: Sebring, Sebring convertible, Stratus (2001-2006)
JS: Lancia Flavia (2013-?), Sebring, Avenger (2007-2014)
JX: Sebring (1996-2000)
UF: Chrysler 200 (2015-18)

Big cars (post-K)

LH: 300M, Concorde, Intrepid, LHS, New Yorker, Vision
LX: 300 series (2005-2010); Charger (2006-2010); Magnum (2005-08)
L1: early 300C CKD
L2: 300C CKD (Chinese, 2007-up)
L3: 300C CKD? (2015-up)
LC: Challenger (2008-2014)
LA: Challenger (2015-2023)
LB: Challenger (2024-up)
LD: Charger and 300 (2011-2023)
LE: 300, Magnum, Charger (Europe)
LY: 300, 300C (3rd gen, 2024-up?)
L? : Charger (2024-up)

Small cars (post-K) and crossovers

P1: Neon CKD (1998)
P2: Neon CKD (2000-2006)
P4: Dart CKD? or Chinese Dart?
P5: PT Cruiser (2001-up, Mexico)
PD: Dodge B sedan (Neon) (2017-up, Mexico/Middle East)
PF: Dodge Dart (2013-16)
PG: PT Cruiser (2002-2003, export)
PL: Neon, Neon Canada SX2 (1995-2005)
PT: PT Cruiser

Rams and Other Dodge Pickups Trucks

Ram Pickups / Mexican Ramchargers

B/AB: Ram Van and Wagon (1989-2001)
D/AD: Ram, Ramcharger D-series (1972-1993)
AF: Pickup, Sport Utility (1993, Mexico)

BE: Ram 1500 (1994-2001)
BT: Ram (2000-2002, Mexico)
BW: Ramcharger (1999, Mexico)
BX: Ram Quad and Club cab (Mexico)

DH: Ram HD, Ram 1500 Mega Cab (2003-2009)
DJ: Ram 2500/3500 (2010-2016) [repeat of code from Jeep]
DR: Ram 1500 (2002-2008)
DS: Ram 1500 (2009-2023; 2019+ sold as Classic)
DT: Ram 1500 (2019-up) (basis for Wagoneer)
DU: Ram 1500 (2024/25?)
DX: Ram (2005-2016, Mexico)
DY: Ram (2010-up, Mexico)


AN: Dakota 1st gen (-1996), 2nd gen (1997-2004)
R1: Dakota CKD (1998-2001)
ND: Dakota (3rd gen, 2005-up)
NE: Dakota (4th gen)
NM, B6: Mitsubishi Raider version of Dodge Dakota (2006; 2008-up)

Ram chassis cabs

BR: Ram 3500 (1994-2001)
D1: Ram 3500 (2003-2009)
D2: Ram 3500 (2010-2016)
D3: Ram 3500 (2017-?)
DA: Ram 4500/5500 (2008-up)
DC: Ram 3500 (2007-up)
DD: Ram 3500 (2010-2016)
DM: Ram 4500/5500 (2008-up)
DP: Ram 4500/5500 (2010-2016)

Just Jeeps

“The Jeep”

CJ: Civilian Jeep (1945-1985)
DJ: Jeep Dispatcher mail truck (1955-1982)

Y1: Wrangler CKD (1994-1996)
YJ: Wrangler (1984-1995)
TJ: Wrangler (1997-2006)
T1: Wrangler CKD (2002-2006)
JK: Wrangler 6th gen (2007-2018)
J3: Wrangler CKD (2010-2014)
J8: Wrangler CKD (2008-2014)
JL: Wrangler (2019-up)
JT (Jeep Truck): Gladiator (Wrangler pickup)


BU: Renegade (2015-up)
B1: Renegade (2016-up, Brazil)
BQ: Jeep Renegade (China, 2016-up)
MK: Compass, Patriot (1st gen, 2007-2017)
MP: Compass (all new, 2017-up)
M1: Patriot CKD (2010-2016), Compass (2017-up, Brazil)
M4: Compass (2017-up, China)
M6: Compass (2017-up, India)
PM: Caliber (first gen, 2007-2011)
P3: Caliber CKD (2007-up)

Grand Cherokee and related

ZJ: Grand Cherokee 1st gen (1993-1998)
WJ: Grand Cherokee (2nd gen, 1999-2004)
WK: Grand Cherokee (3rd gen 2005-2010 / WK2 4th gen 2011-2019)
XK: Commander (1st gen, 2006-2010)
WL: Grand Cherokee (5th generation, 2020-up)

Complete Knockdown Kits (CKD):
Z1: Grand Cherokee CKD (1994-1998)
W1: Grand Cherokee WJ (1999-2005)
W2: Grand Cherokee WK (2006-2015)
W3: Grand Cherokee (2016-up, Egypt)

Export Versions
ZG: Grand Cherokee 1st gen (1993-1998, export)
WG: Grand Cherokee (2nd gen, 1999-2004, export)
WH: Grand Cherokee (3rd gen, 2005-2010, export)
XH: Commander (1st gen, 2006-2010, export)

Cherokee and Friends

SJ: Cherokee (1974-83), Wagoneer (1963-83)
XJ: Cherokee (1984-2001), Wagoneer (1984-1991)
MJ: Commanche pickup (XJ based) 1986-1992

K1: Cherokee CKD (2002-2013)
K4: Cherokee (China, 2016-up)
K8: Jeep Grand Commander (3 row, China only, 2019-up)
KA: Nitro (Dodge version of Liberty) (2007-2011)
KJ: Liberty 1st gen (2002-2007)
KK: Liberty 2nd gen (2008-2012)
KL: Cherokee (2014-up)
KM: Cherokee (2024-or-2025-up)
X1: Cherokee CKD (1999-2001)


SJ: Original Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer; Original Cherokee; Gladiator/J-series pickups
XJ: Wagoneer version of “XJ” Cherokee (actual Wagoneer became “Grand Wagoneer”)
ZJ: Wagoneer version of Grand Cherokee
WS: Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer (2020-up)


FC: Forward Control trucks (1956-1965)
NT: Jeep J10 / J20 pickup (1984-1988)
VJ: Willys Jeepster (1948-1950)

?? SUSW based Jeep Meridian (India)

EEK (K Based Architectures)

A / AA: Acclaim, LeBaron, Spirit (1989-1994) (A previous used by RWD cars)
C / AC: Dynasty, New Yorker (1993-1994)
E: Chrysler E Class, Dodge 600
G / AG: Daytona, Laser (1992-1993)
H / AH: LeBaron GTS, Lancer
AJ: LeBaron (1992-1995)
K: Reliant, Aries, early LeBaron, Dodge 400
P / AP: Shadow, Sundance, Duster (1989-1994)
AY: Imperial (1992-1993), Fifth Avenue (1992), New Yorker (1993)

A1: New Yorker, Spirit (1992-1995, export)
A3: LeBaron (1993-1995, export)
A4: Phantom (1992-1993, Mexican Spirit)


F: Aspen/Volare, 1976-80
J: 1980-83 Cordoba/Imperial, 1981-83 Imperial
L / AL: Omni, Horizon, Charger, Turismo, Rampage, Scamp
M / AM: Diplomat (1977-89), LeBaron (1977-81), Caravelle (Canada (1977-87), Gran Fury (1982-89), New Yorker Fifth Avenue (1982-83), Fifth Avenue (1984-1989) [fixes/clarifications on F/J/M via Pete Kranz]
Q /AQ: Chrysler TC by Maserati

CY: Imperial
PR: Prowler
VF: Ram Promaster (2014-up)
ZH: Crossfire

BB: Monaco, Premier (1988-1990)
BC: Medallion


SR: Viper (1992-2002)
ZB: Viper 3rd gen (2003-2010)
ZC: Viper
ZD: Viper (4th gen) (2013-2017)

Durango / Aspen

DN: Durango (1998-2003)
HB: Durango (2004-2009)
HC: Durango (2011-up, code reassigned to WD)
HG: Aspen (2007-2009)
WD: Durango (3rd gen, 2011-2023; SRT, 2018-2023)

Cancelled (not a complete list)

CT/CU: Pacifica (was to be 2009-up)
GA: Dodge M80 concept, production version
HH: Aspen 2nd gen (see "WC")
JD: Dodge Journey 2nd gen?
JZ: Chrysler version of Journey
KB: Nitro 2nd gen
LS: Not sure
MM: Jeep compact crossover
PN: Caliber 2nd gen (vehicle cancelled)
RD, RE: Minivan based full size crossover (~2020-22)
RF: Possibly Journey replacement
WC: Aspen Second Gen
WM: (cancelled June 2013, Maserati Levante based on Grand Cherokee)
XL: (Commander 2nd gen, vehicle cancelled)

Rebadged from other marques / Imported as built


B2: Colt, Summit, Vista (1992, import)
B4: Ram 50 / Power Ram 50
B7: Stealth, 3000GTX (1992-1996)
B8: Colt, Summit Wagon, Vista (1992, import)
B9: Colt, Summit (1993-1996, import)
BD: Laser, Talon (1992-1994, import)
CZ: Vista, Summit Wagon
FJ: Talon ESI, Talon TSI (1994, import)
FJ: Avenger, Avenger ES, Sebring LX, Sebring LXI (1995-2000)
ST: Stratus coupe and Sebring coupe (2001-2005)
?: Ram 1200 / Fiat Fullback

Relevant Fiat, Alfa, Lancia (deliberately incomplete list)

22: Chrysler Delta (2012-, Europe)
23: Chrysler Ypsilon (2011-, Europe)
52: Dodge 1000 Cargo Van (CMC) (2012-, Mexixo)
55: Trazo (2010-up)
57: Ram 700 (2015)
BA: Fiat 124 Spider (2017-up)
BF: Fiat 500L (2014-up)
BK: Dodge LE/LX (Fiat Siena for Mexico) (2014/15-up)
FB: Fiat 500X (2016-up)
FF: Fiat 500 (2012-up)
GA: Alfa Romeo Giulia (2017-up)
GG: Alfa Romeo Tonale (2023-up)
GU: Alfa Romeo Stelvio
MA: Alfa Romeo compact crossover
NY: Ypsilon


10: Verna/Attitude (HMC) (2012-, Mexico)
16: Pickup/Cab Chassis (HMC H100) (2012-)
21: Dodge Atos/i10 (HMC) (2012-, Mexico)


VA: Sprinter (2002-06)
VB: Sprinter (2007-10)
VM: Ram Promaster City (2015-up)
ZH: Crossfire (2004-2008)

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