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AMC and Eagle

When AMC won in Trans Am (and the Javelin)


Chrysler Sunbeam: an Avenger variant that won the rallying championship

1970 Chrysler 300-H (300 Hurst)


Dodge Intrepid police car

Insane sedans: 1991-93 Dodge Spirit R/T

Dodge GTX—yes, I said Dodge GTX

Charger Daytona: the Cordoba version of a legend

Police cars (Dodge and Plymouth)

Plymouth police cars of 1976: Downsized but strong

Dodge Intrepid police car

Cross brand...

Washer bags: before bottles

Plymouth TC3 - Turismo / Dodge Charger - O24: Lee’s “second Mustang”

Eagle and Chrysler LeBaron minivans?

Fixit: Where to get parts for your cars

Car Spotter by Tom Buss

Car Spotter: Plymouth Belvedere

Car Spotter: 1914 Dodge Bros. Touring Car

Car Spotter: 1971 Plymouth Fury Pursuit Car

Random: Diesel Slant Six: mo’ power, lo’ pollution

Books by MoTales writer David Zatz

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