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There are many good places to get parts for your Mopars, other than your dealer—which likely rakes in as much profit from parts as they can, from a largely captive audience. This is a list we’ve assembled which includes discount dealer parts, the aftermarket, and even used parts from wrecking yards. We try to keep it up to date, but keep in mind we are not endorsing any of these links or dealers or stores, nor do we get profit from them. We come to list Caesar, not endorse him.

We do not get affiliate payments from any of these sources. We have no business relationship with them.

Dealers: authorized Mopar parts, at a discount

Few Mopar dealers consider parts sales to be a primary business, so they tend to have poorly designed, slow, and confusing web sites, with high restock fees and high shipping rates. Many parts can’t be returned at all. Pricing is usually 20% below list but can vary rather dramatically. Sometimes the same dealers sell the same part on ebay or with free shipping and lower prices.

Manuals and tools

Recycling depots (junkyards)

Global recyclers

General parts, and paint

Body parts and lighting (especially for restoration)

Restoriation and specialty items

Performance parts

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