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Making Mopar Minivans in Windsor: Factory Photos

Photos by Lawrence Monkhouse

Chrysler cars were made in Ontario before there was even a Chrysler Corporation. At one point, Chrysler Canada had an engine plant, car plant, truck plant, and van plant, all close to each other.


Minivan on a surface plate, with key dimensions being measured by a Computer Measurement Machine (CMM). (Note the strut towers)—identified by Chris Vitale

2 making minivans at windsor

The minivan plant, shown above, used to make all nature of rear wheel drive cars before its 1983 conversion; since these photos were taken, the entire plant was basically gutted and rebuilt with flexible, modern systems.

4 making minivans at windsor

We do not have the names for most of the people pictured here. These pictures are not in any particular order, for the most part (color comes first, then black and white). We welcome your input on who is in these images, and if anyone wants to volunteer to put them in order, we'd certainly appreciate the help.

6 making minivans at windsor

73 making minivans at windsor

6408 making minivans at windsor

6433 making minivans at windsor

6434 making minivans at windsor

6436 making minivans at windsor

6437 making minivans at windsor

6444 making minivans at windsor

6446 making minivans at windsor

6447 making minivans at windsor

6450 making minivans at windsor

6452 making minivans at windsor

6454 making minivans at windsor

6488 making minivans at windsor

6515 making minivans at windsor

6516 making minivans at windsor

6604 making minivans at windsor

6924 making minivans at windsor

6930 making minivans at windsor

6936 making minivans at windsor

6938 making minivans at windsor

7178 making minivans at windsor

b6445 making chrysler minivans

b6928 making chrysler minivans

b6929 making chrysler minivans



y6559 making chrysler minivans

y6564 making chrysler minivans

y6772 making chrysler minivans

y6949 making chrysler minivans

z6611 making chrysler minivans

z6951 making chrysler minivans



The minivan book

If you worked at Chrysler and have stories for the second edition of Mopar Minivans, please let me know! It’s being finished now. If you just want to buy a copy, knowing a second edition is coming, you can find the minivan books here...

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