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Making V8 engines, including the Hemi, at Trenton Engine

Chrysler Trenton Engine sign

Photos provided by Dave Van Buren

Many know Trenton Engine as the place where V6 engines have been made for decades, but the first engines made there were V8s, built from 1952 to 1978. In early 1952, plans were to only make truck and industrial engines including the blocks and heads; but the immense popularity of V8 engines brought an expansion of both the plant and the plans. Trenton ended up making the original “double rocker”  engines, now called first-generation Hemis, for both cars as well as trucks; then came the “poly” designs, and then the B and RB engines moved in (one line for each, at first), and then the 426 Hemi. Most of these photos are from 1962.

But first, here’s the cafeteria.

employee cafeteria at Trenton Engine, Michigan

And a Hemi engine from 1966.

426 Hemi engine production

1962 Trenton Engine plant

The “merry go round,” below (with a closeup)

V8 merry go round at Chrysler plant

closeup - making V8 engines

1962 making Chrysler V8 engines

Mopar engines at Trenton

Next two photos: crank and then block department

Trenton (Michigan) crank department

Various photos

Here’s your closeup!

Fresh, shiny pistons

Finally, putting up the sign...

Coming up next: anniversaries and making V6 engines.

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